Weak Opinions #17

Talking about grit is rather similar to talking about faith: you have it when you have it; you don’t when you don’t. I’m not sure how useful is that.

Weak Opinions #14

You always find it hard to estimate the rush hour traffic: buses, trains, subways and flights. You know a little bit about the chaos theory and the butterfly effect. You know you can’t predict precisely. But when you commute long enough, you may, at a certain time point of enlightenment, get the illusion that you’ve learned to grab the rhyme of it, that you actually could take advantage of the seemingly unpredictable and thus avoid being squeezed by all your fellow commuters. You even know you’re wrong about it, yet still insist you’ve gained certain intangible insights: a sense of prophetic awareness to the future. And you end up late for work and/or home. — On Commuting

Weak Opinions #13

The reminiscent notion of he or she was here brings bitter warmth to your heart ‘cos your self-opinionating memory renders the past from mundane reality to wishful delusion. 

Weak Opinions #12

I love book because it burns my mind. I love sex because it burns my body. I love music because it burns my soul. I love science because it burns what I know. We will watch them burn.

Weak Opinions #7

If life is a game, design it at your own risk. If a game becomes your life, remember to save it at all times. If you neither design nor save, you must be human being.