Her Older Self Wouldn’t Recognize Her Twisted Face

Her Older Self Wouldn’t Recognize Her Twisted Face
by Fanz Hugo

Her older self
wouldn’t recognize
her twisted face.
It’s a maze.

She’s running,
on bare legs,
towards a
little boy-

her brother.
and delight,
all at once.

Her elder
sister follows,
too bored to
care. She knows.

She won’t
her face twisted
from hunger.


The Son and the Girlfriend

The Son and the Girlfriend
by Fanz Hugo

Two men sitting
beside me talked
about the way
of their lives.

The western shirt guy
has no wife and kids.
He’s not allowed to
use peanut butter.

The Asian suit guy
loves his son
and his girlfriend.
Now that’s a story.

How strange was that:
The shirt talked more
about family and kid
than the suit who has.

You don’t want to
talk about it unless
it’s all sunny side up.
Like there’s no crap.

The one who talks
despite the tragedy,
is the one who
becomes comedy.


Like Ten Years

Like Ten Years
(A Love Song Unsung with The Words of Brett Anderson)
By Fanz Hugo

Like kids
Like refugees
Like a thousand you-and-mes
Like friendships
And well-done fish and chips

Like trash
And chemistries
Like dog man stars
Like we’re he-and-shes
Like ten years of hit and miss

Like fools
And tools
Like winter sons and sisters
Like relationships
And their still warm guns

Like ten years
Such as from
2005 to 2015
You and me, we’re
No longer where we’ve been