A Girl’s Gone in a Dream on January 10, 2014

A Girl’s Gone in a Dream on January 10, 2014
by Fanz Hugo

Last night I had a dream.
In a neat hotel room,
for the time or date is irrelevant,
I found the utmost peace of mind.

I was laid low and couldn’t see
beyond the window.
But out of ridiculous confidence
I know what I’d see.

A quiet urban community,
wide streets with shadowing trees,
the sky azure –
oh that I can be sure.

A dozen children
running on the square;
a shy boy reading alone,
too amused to care.

The protagonist’s one and only love,
a smiling girl who likes grey doves,
was walking towards the crossroad,
where the antagonist was waving to her,

with a large bunch of roses to hold.
The rest is irrelevant now,
since it always ends with a bow.
Then she’s gone.