Saying I Don’t Care

Saying “I don’t care any more” usually means you still do.

In some cases, you even struggle for the opportunities to say it.

But the subtlety of the notion lies in what would happen, embarrassingly, afterwards — the listener, who’s supposed to care, usually stops to do so.

Let’s see what happens between the embarrassor Nathan and his listener girlfriend Sylvia.

“Why? Why you didn’t listen to me? If you just did it as I told you, my father wouldn’t…”

“My gosh, Syl! I couldn’t fake it! I just couldn’t! Why do we have to fake things to be together?”

“Because that’s the only way to make us possible, Nathan! Think about what you’ve done! Think about it! Now you’re making me choose between you and my father!”

“I’m not, Syl! That’s not the point…”

“You’re not listening! Can’t you see the point? I can’t choose you over my father…”


“Or vise versa!”


“What do you want me to do now? What am I gonna do?”

(Ten more minutes of fight later.)

“You know what, Syl. I don’t care! I don’t care anymore!”



Alice Hates Bob

Alice Hates Bob
by Fanz Hugo

The body has
been slow to throb.
I guess, I guess
Alice hates Bob.

She sipped his tea,
and kicked the mob.
You see, you see:
Alice hates Bob.

She moved his head,
and cleaned the knob.
The floor’s turned red.
Alice hates Bob.

If only his
body was easy
to throb. Oh Bob.


Here’s to the End of a Beginning

Here’s to the End of a Beginning
by Fanz Hugo

Here’s to the end
of a beginning:
Look ahead,
don’t look back.

I was young
and I was dumb.
I was the kid
on constant run.

I was the debt
of my own life.
I’m the family
of my family.

People only want
to know the part of
you that they’d like to
know. What do they know?

Limited knowledge,
unobtainable love,
and unimagined


You Must Love Me and Be Loved By Me

You Must Love Me and Be Loved By Me
by Fanz Hugo

Where do we go from here?
Will this be
where we intended to be?
What do we see?
I still believe in you.
Will you me?

Certainties disappear.
What do we do
for our dream to survive?
How do we keep
all our passions alive
as we used to do?

Deep in my heart
I’m still searching
for lives that we are longing.
Meant to cherish its meaning.
Frightened it will slip away.
You must love me.

You must love me
and be loved by me.

(Inspired by the song “You Must Love Me” from Evita)


The Young Girl Full of Forbidden Energy

The Young Girl Full of Forbidden Energy
by Fanz Hugo

The young girl full of
forbidden energy
worships everything
and values nothing.

The young girl full of
overearning prestige
walks in beauty like
the Swedish meat balls.

The young girl full of
old souls has to kill in
cold blood the man who
served her tea colder.

The young girl full of
her younger selves is too
lame to reschedule
her dental appointment.

The young girl, oh yes,
that young girl in her
late eighties, can mourn
her lovers no more.



by Fanz Hugo

It’s often easier
to fool ourselves than
to fool some others.

So what if you fool
yourself into it,
believing it is

easier to fool some
others? Not yourself?
Welcome to success.


Monologue from a Dream on May 1st, 2011

Monologue from a Dream on May 1st, 2011
by Fanz Hugo

“People are here for close encounters, not relationships! This is a different world to them! They are here to escape the boring life they wouldn’t lose, to have their wildest desires fulfilled, to take advantage of young girls just like you! They dont’t care if you are good or bad. Don’t you? What are you looking for here? Who do you think they are?”

Her father had already come and was cutting through the crowd towards her.

And she kept her silence with angry little eyes.

“Are you listening?”


Her Older Self Wouldn’t Recognize Her Twisted Face

Her Older Self Wouldn’t Recognize Her Twisted Face
by Fanz Hugo

Her older self
wouldn’t recognize
her twisted face.
It’s a maze.

She’s running,
on bare legs,
towards a
little boy-

her brother.
and delight,
all at once.

Her elder
sister follows,
too bored to
care. She knows.

She won’t
her face twisted
from hunger.


The Son and the Girlfriend

The Son and the Girlfriend
by Fanz Hugo

Two men sitting
beside me talked
about the way
of their lives.

The western shirt guy
has no wife and kids.
He’s not allowed to
use peanut butter.

The Asian suit guy
loves his son
and his girlfriend.
Now that’s a story.

How strange was that:
The shirt talked more
about family and kid
than the suit who has.

You don’t want to
talk about it unless
it’s all sunny side up.
Like there’s no crap.

The one who talks
despite the tragedy,
is the one who
becomes comedy.


Who’s Hungry

Who’s Hungry
by Fanz Hugo

Feeling down.
Walking ’round.
Sadly moved by
a mellow song.

On the street.
Down the train.
Bus delayed by
the pouring rain.

Back to you.
No, you two.
Who’s hungry?
Me too.