Weak Opinions #7

If life is a game, design it at your own risk. If a game becomes your life, remember to save it at all times. If you neither design nor save, you must be human being.

Weak Opinions #6

When you say you want money, you mean you do; when you say you don’t care about money, you mean you do; when you say you want to be innovative, you mean you want money — that’s the embarrassing art of connotation in business.

Weak Opinions #4

Brave new world, which used to refer to Shakespeare’s and Huxley’s classic works, refers to adultery, incest, the mind of a psychopath or the puberal realization of the corporeal responses.

Weak Opinions #3

Not every idea can turn into a business, not all businesses are ever meant to be. Developing an idea is like having sex — exhausting but heavenly orgasmic; starting a business is like going through the pregancy — painful but full of expectation; running the company and surviving is like a dying old man staggering — every step could be your last.

Whatever Feels For Lover


Living is easy with eyes closed
I wouldn’t know you’re not around.
It’s getting hard to be someone
since when you walked out
it means just agony to me

And it takes me down ‘cos I’m lying to
whatever feels
Loving is real
and nothing to get wrong about
whatever feels for lover


Weak Opinions #2

The best way to know him is to know his enemies. The best way to love her is to love her soulful presence instead of her sensual body.

The worst way to judge one is to judge by one’s opinions.